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Distressed White Chowki/Bajot

Distressed White Chowki/Bajot
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Indune's square bajot (low stool), also known as chowki or chorang, is made of wood . These are used as decor pieces or as a base for artifacts. If used for sitting, it is strong enough to take weight upto 90 kgs. In India these are extensively used for auspicious and spiritual purposes- one, as an essential pooja accessory and two, for placing thalis while sitting down in traditional/festive dinners. These are made in various sizes, finishes and shapes which can be selected as per choice & purpose. For cleaning and maintaining the shine, simply wipe it with dry cotton cloth once in a while.
Distressed White Chowki/Bajot
Color/ FinishDistressed White
Dimensions (in centimeters)25 x 25 x 16
Dimensions (in inches)10 x 10 x 6
Weight (Approx)2.2 kgs.
UtilityPooja | Base for Artifacts | Low Sitting | Decor | Bajot | Chorang | Chowki
Being handmade, some variation in dimension, design, shade or color is natural. In fact, these variations bestow the charm, character and authenticity to the creations.
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Distressed White Chowki/Bajot
10x10 white
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