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A collection of  Classic

Brace your space with the royal finish of our classic furniture. A range of luxury wooden furniture designs made to bring an unmatched elegance to your decor.

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Wooden Nagada (Drum) Table on Tripod Stand- Embossed Brass Art Embellished Material Wood | Brass Color/ Finish Walnut Polish | Brass Artwork Dimensions (in c..
Rs. 11,499.00 Rs. 12,900.00
Round Top Traditional Stool - Polished Material Wood Color/ Finish Brown Dimensions (in centimeters) 35 x 35 x ht. 48 ..
Rs. 3,990.00
Rajwada Style Hand Carved Wooden Chest of Three Drawers with Decorative Brass Fittings. A fusion of Rajwada style bedside + chest of three drawers with classy Indian hand cut brass artwork and authentic handles. Material Wood | Brass ..
Rs. 17,900.00
Majestic Sofa A comfortable majestic sofa in a unique combination of dark wood polish & bright upholstery. Material Wood Color/ Finish Dark Brown Polish ..
Rs. 19,800.00
Chair Two Tone Material Wood Color/ Finish Two Tone Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) Dimensions (..
Rs. 4,360.00
Material Teak Wood Color/ Finish Cherry Red Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) 94 x 68/40 x ht 183 Dimensions (in inches) 3..
Rs. 78,000.00
Sheesham Wood Office/Study Table A honey shade polished arch shaped hand crafted office cum study table with Five drawers. Material Sheesham Wood & Ceramic Knobs Color/ Finish Hone Shade Poli..
Rs. 25,780.00
Sheesham Wood Mirror Frame- 24"x36" Material Sheesham Wood Color/ Finish Walnut Polished Dimensions (in centimeters) Mirror: 60 x 91 | Frame: 79..
Rs. 9,990.00
Sheesham Wood Chair A honey shade polished sheesham wood Chair. Material Sheesham Wood (Indian Roase Wood) Color/ Finish Honey Shade Polished Dimensi..
Rs. 8,750.00
Nesting Stools - Set of Three Material Wood Color/ Finish Dark Honey Shade Brown Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) S1: 26 x 21 x ht. 28  ..
Rs. 8,490.00
Nesting Stools - Set of Three Material Wood Color/ Finish Honey Shade Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) S1 : 45 x 30 x ht. 45 S2 : 33 x 28 ..
Rs. 8,490.00
Out Of Stock
Wooden Treasure Box - Polished & Brass Artwork Material Wood Color/ Finish Brass Art | Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) 80 x 40 x ht. 46 ..
Rs. 16,490.00
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