09 Nov / 2015

Is your home ready for Diwali?

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If you are still looking for ways to decorate your home this Diwali, and not able to choose those beautiful, bright things that would make the moments even more memorable, do not worry – we’ve got you covered. From our collection of inspired objects, we have hand-picked a dose designs that will instantly lighten up your home and make it festive-ready. Let the celebrations begin –

24 Sep / 2015

Distressing – because imperfections are beautiful

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Distressing – an art, mastered by wood-wizards, who deliberately stain, dimple, scrape or refinish a piece of furniture for a timeless heirloom feel that not only gives a character to the space but also makes it a story to tell. Ironically, distressing is the opposite of finishing but once the piece is finished, it can make any interior designer, architect or homeowner drool.