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Bar Furniture & Accessories

Get home our bar furniture selection & set-up an eccentric home bar. Assemble our bar stools, bar cabinets, bar tables, wine cellars & more for your gatherings.

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Painted Elephant Bottle Case Material Wood Color/ Finish Black | Golden Dimensions (in centimeters) 12 x 22 x ht. 37 ..
$49.98 $59.75
Wooden Bucket Planter With Brass Art, Bottle Chiller Walnut polished handcrafted wooden Bucket fitted with embossed brass artwork. Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Brown Polished and Embosse..
Wooden Bar Chair Material Wood Color/ Finish Polished Dimensions (in centimeters) 43 x 43 x ht 92 Di..
Tripod Stool with Handbeaten Iron Elements Material Wooden & Iron Color/ Finish Natural Wooden & Black Dimensions (in centimeters) 43 x ..
Round Top Traditional Stool - Polished Material Wood Color/ Finish Brown Dimensions (in centimeters) 35 x 35 x ht. 48 ..
Wooden Bucket With Brass Art, Bottle Chiller - Medium Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Brown Polished and Embossed Brass Artwork Dimensions (in centim..
Wine Cellar Boat Inspired-Vertical Material Reclaimed Wood Color/ Finish Natural Multicolor & Rustic Dimensions (in centimeters) 51 x 38 x h..
White Bar Chair Bar Chairs made in metal sheet inspired from retro design. Material Iron Sheet Color/ Finish White Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Sand Blasted Round Wooden Barrel Wine Rack - Bar Material Wood & Iron Color/ Finish Natuaral Wood | Sand Blasted Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Recliamed Wooden Bar Unit Cellar Boat Inspired-Horizontal Material Recycled Wood Color/ Finish Multicolor & Rustic Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Antique Bar Cabinet - Brass Artwork Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Brown Polihed & Brass Artwork Dimensions (in centimeters) 183 x ..
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