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Founded in Udaipur, in 1998, Sanskriti Expressions was started in a small apartment with a team of local artisans of Rajasthan. After years of translating ideas and skills into artful pieces, the workplace shifted to a big warehouse and soon became a destination for small businesses desiring a more aesthetic line of interior objects, gift ideas, home accessories, and furniture for reselling at their store and exhibitions.

In an inspirational span of 15 years, the same artisans mastered the art of juxtaposing tradition and ingenuity to create designs for contemporary living. It was the autumn of 2013, when we decided to bridge the gap between the artist and the admirer by taking our craft to the direct audience and so, we created Indune. From antique-finished boxes to distressed photo frames, retro-styled furniture to unusual curios and object d'art – our idea is to bring rooms to life and compose a selection that reflects the hands of the maker.






Nipun Porwal

After completing B. Tech from University of Pune and studying management at India’s top institute – Symbiosis, Pune, the young entrepreneur inside Nipun Porwal began to surface.



In the historic city of Udaipur, he often came across handicrafts and handmade design objects that made him think about the amazing craftsmanship. Soon enough, he assembled a team of artisans and began creating; he was hooked—the rest is history. His venture, Sanskriti Expressions started supplying to start-ups, exhibitors, and interior designers. However, after an inspirational decade, he still had a dream – waiting to be realised. Nipun began spending his time thinking of creating a platform of home decor products that exude Rajasthan’s exceptional vibes and at the same time suits a discerning audience. “At that time, I got smitten by the idea of creations that can beautifully affect both the consumer and the maker while directly bringing elegance to modern spaces. After all, it is the story behind every piece that inspires,”he says.