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Fair Trade Forum - India

Fair Trade Forum - India

For the conscious consumer

If there are two words that best describe Indune, they are ‘crafts’ and ‘smiles’ – and that explains our exuberance. We have ethically created our miscellany of beautiful things with craftsmen who have truly sprinkled love, passion and art on their creations – we strive to bring beauty to homes and happiness to them.

As a member of Fair Trade Forum-India since 2012 and a part of the Fair Trade movement, Sanskriti Expressions (the parent organisation of Indune) reveres its partnership with craftspeople around Rajasthan. From metalwork artists and wood-sculptors to innovators who embed traditional crafts in their designs and artisans who keep their heritage alive with craft – these are the people our trade focuses on. The simple idea is to make a difference with what we love to do.

Fair trade has been defined as an organized social movement and market-based approach to alleviate global poverty and promote sustainability. It promotes eco-friendly practices and products, at both the production and consumption levels. Fair Trade Forum-India (FTF-I) is the National Network for Fair Trade in India. It works to ensure a dignified income and overall development of artisans and workers. It is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (head-quatered in Netherlands), which is the global face of fair trade.

Fair Trade Practices

  • Ensuring good working conditions.
  • Payment of fair wages and fair price.
  • Commitment to non-discrimination and gender equality.
  • Freedom of association.
  • Ensuring no child labour or forced labour.
  • Transparency & Accountability.
  • Providing resources and opportunities for capacity building.
  • Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.
  • Protection of & respect for the environment.
  • Encouraging fair trade practices.