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A collection of  Center & Coffee Tables

Complete your living room with our well-built center tables. Shop our collection of hand-designed contemporary wooden coffee tables to add flair to space.

-11 %
Wooden Nagada (Drum) Table on Tripod Stand- Embossed Brass Art Embellished Material Wood | Brass Color/ Finish Walnut Polish | Brass Artwork Dimensions (in c..
Rs. 11,499.00 Rs. 12,900.00
Wooden Carved Table with Embossed Brass Artwork Material Wood Color/ Finish Walnut Polished | Embossed Brass Artwork Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 13,490.00
Table Square Embossed Brass Art Material Wood | Brass Color/ Finish Brown Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) 60 x 60 x ht. 45 ..
Rs. 11,900.00
-28 %
Table Carved Multicolored Distress Material Wood | Brass Color/ Finish Multicolor Distress Painted Dimensions (in centimeters) 51 x 45 x ht. 48 ..
Rs. 9,999.00 Rs. 13,900.00
Opium Table - Walnut Polish Material Sheesham (Indian Rose Wood) Color/ Finish Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) 46 x 46 x ht 38 ..
Rs. 4,800.00
Ceramic Tile Art Brass Fitted Square Wooden Center Table Material Wood | Ceramic Tiles Color/ Finish Brown Polish | Multi Coloured Tiles Dimensions (in ce..
Rs. 12,300.00
(AAI039012AB1 )
Wooden Brass Art Centra Table A hand crafted centra table with embossed brass artwork. Material Wood, Brass Color/ Finish Polish, Embossed Brass Dimens..
Rs. 10,900.00
Material Reclaimed Bullock Cart Color/ Finish Rustic, Reclaimed Dimensions (in centimeters) 70 x 80 x ht. 40 Dimensions (in inches) ..
Rs. 14,990.00
Table Old Reclaimed Window Material Wood | Brass Color/ Finish Brown Polish Dimensions (in centimeters) 90 x 47 x ht. 49 ..
Rs. 25,900.00
Table Rectangular Embossed Brass Art Material Wood | Brass Color/ Finish Brown Polish | Embossed Brass Art Dimensions (in centimeters) 120 ..
Rs. 22,900.00
Sleeper Wood Log Glass Top Stool Material Reclaimed Railway Sleeper Wood Color/ Finish Reclaimed Railway Sleeper Wood Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 7,460.00
Royal Vintage Themed 4 Drawers Distress Wooden Center Table - Embossed Brass Artwork A distress finished vintage royal style Center table with 4 drawers. Be assured that you posses something that is not likely to be replicated. Material Wood & Brass ..
Rs. 28,700.00
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