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A collection of  Pots & Planters

Decorative plant pots & planters can bring liveliness to space. Place our accent garden accessories & add natural environment to your office, home or garden decor.

Painted Iron Bag- Large Material Iron Color/ Finish Multi Color Cone Artwork Dimensions (in centimeters) 14 x 21 x ht. 26 ..
Rs. 1,890.00
Painted Iron Bag- Small Material Iron Color/ Finish Multi Color Cone Artwork Dimensions (in centimeters) 11 x 15 x ht. 21 ..
Rs. 1,290.00
Hand Painted Square Flower Vase Hand painted flower vase in vibrant colours pull with a touch of cone art in white. Material Wood Color/ Finish Multicolor | Cone Artwork ..
Rs. 1,650.00
Two Head Elephant Fruit Bowl - Embossed Brass Art on Brown polished Wood Craft Embellished with embossed metal art work a wooden bowl based on two elephants. Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish ..
Rs. 4,390.00
Wooden Small Bucket - Planter, ice bucket Wooden Small Bucket - Planter Bucket- use it as a planter Holder, Ice Bucket or just a Bin Material Wood Color/ Finish Natural Finish ..
Rs. 1,290.00
Iron Perforated Stool with Wooden Top - Antique Golden Material Iron | Wood Color/ Finish Antique Golden | Natural Finish Wood Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 3,990.00
Wooden Bucket Planter With Brass Art, Bottle Chiller Walnut polished handcrafted wooden Bucket fitted with embossed brass artwork. Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Brown Polished and Embosse..
Rs. 2,190.00
Triangular Ghatti A Triangular shaped hand carved "Chakki Holder" inspired from India's vintage Chakki (Flour Machine). It can be used as a low stool. Material Wood Color/ Finish Natural Brown Pol..
Rs. 2,590.00
Wooden Pot Distressted Pink Material Wood Color/ Finish Distreesed Pink Dimensions (in centimeters) 20 x 20 x ht. 33 ..
Rs. 4,490.00
Woden Planter Rough Polish - Wine Crate Material Wood Color/ Finish Antique Polished Dimensions (in centimeters) 46 x 35 x ht. 25 ..
Rs. 2,970.00
Wooden Ghatti Stool Polished , Embossed brass Art Material Wood Color/ Finish Walnut Polish | Embossed Brass Art Dimensions (in centimeters) 38 ..
Rs. 2,990.00
Wooden Bucket, Indoor Planter, Bottle Chiller- Medium Material Wood & Iron Color/ Finish Walnut Polished Dimensions (in centimeters) 24 x 24..
Rs. 2,450.00
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