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Jewellery Boxes

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Elephant Box - Brass Wood Craft - Two Partitioned Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Black Polish | Brass Artwork Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 990.00
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Wooden Jewellery Box - Brass Art Material Wood Color/ Finish Classic Polish | Embossed Brass Art Dimensions (in centimeters) 22 x 15 x 8 ..
Rs. 2,390.00
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Rectangular Box 8.5x4x4.5 Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Black Polished Dimensions (in centimeters) 22 x 10 x 11 ..
Rs. 1,690.00
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Wooden Box - Rustic Material Wood Color/ Finish Rustic Finished Dimensions (in centimeters) 20 x 11 x 8 ..
Rs. 1,590.00
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Vanity Case - 3 Drawers with Mirror (Wood & Brass) Combining modern sophistication with traditional art, the skilled artisans of Rajasthan have crafted this natural-wood box with an artful embossed design on polished brass. With 3 drawers, a mirror, and a tray, this functional accent will treas..
Rs. 3,790.00
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Antique Finished Square Box- Embossed White Metal Artwork on wood - 4" x 4" Material White Metal & Wood Color/ Finish Antique Silver Finished Dimensions..
Rs. 1,090.00
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Square Box - Brass Artwork A unique box with intricate metal artwork. A warm and attractive case for chocolates sweets you gift this season. Material Brass & Wood Color/ Finish Metallic | Brass..
Rs. 1,660.00
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Indune Wooden Jewellery Box Rustic with Bone Art 6 x 3 Inches (Brown) Material Wood Color/ Finish Polish | Bone Art | Brass Art Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 1,790.00
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Square Wood Brass Box 4x4x6 Material Wood and Brass Color/ Finish Black Polished on Wood | Embossed Bras Artwork on Top Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 1,190.00
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Small Treasure Box with Embosed Iron Art Material Wood Color/ Finish Classic Polish | Embossed Iron Art Dimensions (in centimeters) 13 x 20 x 14..
Rs. 1,390.00
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Zig Zag Box - 5 Drawers, Wooden Material Wood Color/ Finish Dimensions (in centimeters) 24 x 15 x 33 ..
Rs. 3,990.00
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Wooden Rustic Green Regal Treasure Box With Embossed Brass ArtWork Wooden Hand Crafted And Painted Decorative Box To Add A Dash Of Elegance To Your Home Decor. The Royal Wooden Box Is Designed With Beautiful Antique Finish in white Color and had very nice artwork of Brass on it which gives the Box ..
Rs. 9,900.00
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