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A collection of  Jewellery Boxes

Organize & store your precious jewels in our artistic jewellery organiser box. Get our range of designer handmade jewellery boxes & grace your vanity table.

Wooden Round Box with Lid- Spiral Embossing on Brass A cute small round gift box with spiral design antique brass artwork on the lid. Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Black & Metallic | B..
Rs. 790.00
Elephant Box - Brass Wood Craft - Two Partitioned Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Black Polish | Brass Artwork Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 990.00
Rectangular Box 8.5x4x4.5 Material Wood & Brass Color/ Finish Black Polished Dimensions (in centimeters) 22 x 10 x ht. 11 ..
Rs. 1,690.00
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Jewellery Box - Flap Open Material Wood Color/ Finish Polishes | Embossed Brass Art Dimensions (in centimeters) 27 x 24 x ht. 9 ..
Rs. 2,990.00
Wooden Box - Rustic Material Wood Color/ Finish Rustic Finished Dimensions (in centimeters) 20 x 11 x ht. 8 ..
Rs. 1,590.00
Vanity Case - 3 Drawers with Mirror (Wood & Brass) Combining modern sophistication with traditional art, the skilled artisans of Rajasthan have crafted this natural-wood box with an artful embossed design on polished brass. With 3 drawers, a mirror, and a tray, this functional accent will treas..
Rs. 3,790.00
Indune Wooden Jewellery Box Rustic with Bone Art 6 x 3 Inches (Brown) Material Wood Color/ Finish Polish | Bone Art | Brass Art Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 1,790.00
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Wooden Jewellery Box - Brass Art Material Wood Color/ Finish Classic Polish | Embossed Brass Art Dimensions (in centimeters) 22 x 15 x ht. 8 ..
Rs. 2,490.00
Square Wood Brass Box 4x4x6 Material Wood and Brass Color/ Finish Black Polished on Wood | Embossed Bras Artwork on Top Dimensions (in centimeters) ..
Rs. 1,190.00
Square Box - Brass Artwork A unique box with intricate metal artwork. A warm and attractive case for chocolates sweets you gift this season. Material Brass & Wood Color/ Finish Metallic | Brass..
Rs. 1,660.00
Antique Finished Square Box- Embossed White Metal Artwork on wood - 4" x 4" Material White Metal & Wood Color/ Finish Antique Silver Finished Dimensions..
Rs. 1,090.00
Zig Zag Box - 5 Drawers, Wooden Material Wood Color/ Finish Dimensions (in centimeters) 24 x 15 x ht. 33 ..
Rs. 3,990.00
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